Management of RIOC’s Operations

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) was founded in 1984. The corporation was among the first companies formed by The New York State Legislature to oversee all business operations on Roosevelt Island. Before the founding of RIOC, the New York State Urban Development Corporation was in charge of managing all business operations on Roosevelt Island. The residents of Roosevelt Island experienced tremendous economic growth and development under the management of the New York State Urban Development Corporation. As a result, Roosevelt Island has grown to accommodate almost 14,000 people, all of whom have flourished with diverse sources of income.

Altheria Jackson and Shelton J. Haynes lead the executive committee of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, RIOC decided to incorporate measures and plans to manage the spread of the pandemic on Roosevelt Island. Altheria Jackson oversaw the set-up of different COVID-19 testing stations, like the Roosevelt Island Library along 524 Main Street, which aided in testing and vaccinating 500 Roosevelt Island residents daily. The corporation’s partnership with David Kramer and Swift Emergency Care Testing also helped to manage the spread of COVID-19 on Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is also actively involved in the progress and safety of the residents of Roosevelt Island. In May 2022, RIOC collaborated with The New York Community Trust and made a contribution of $150,000 to 13 non-profit organizations dedicated to serving Roosevelt Island residents. Thanks to the $150,000 contribution, these 13 non-profit organizations accomplished considerable efforts, including assisting with enrichment programs for the old, organizing entertainment concerts, and setting up economic projects that help improve the conditions of people with disabilities. Additionally, RIOC has fully supported the $11 million revitalization project started by New York officials. This project aims to strengthen Roosevelt Island’s shoreline so as to prevent flooding and property damage caused by extreme weather.