BeachbodyCarl Daikeler, the brains behind Beachbody, is a businessman of tremendous wisdom and honorable distinction. Having been around the block a time or two, Daikeler is exceedingly versed in the art of product marketing and disruptive innovation. With over two decades of experience, Daikeler makes his craft look easy. However, it’s anything but. While Daikeler’s accomplished much throughout his decades-long career, his success stems primarily from the fitness brand he created in 1998.

Better known as Beachbody, this global empire offers convenient training and nutrition programs. Inspired by his own fitness journey, Daikeler created a company that provided practical at-home alternatives. Though Daikeler knew that his business idea would attract audiences, he wanted to be sure that it would stand the test of time. With that said, he sought out advice and input from his colleagues. Using this feedback, he reworked his ideas while testing new approaches to “maximize healthy results.”

As Daikeler’s career continues to blossom, he’s always looking to the horizon. In other words, Daikeler leaps at opportunities that allow him to innovate. For instance, when Daikeler paired his passion for nutrition with his knack for ingenuity, he gave rise to Shakeology. These delicious shakes have become exceedingly popular, impressing audiences with their delightful taste and healthy ingredients. From various flavors to numerous vitamins and minerals, Shakeology offers it all.


According to Daikeler, he’s remained so prosperous because he’s not afraid to pursue the unknown. Equally admirable is his willingness to restructure his thinking. With all the success that Beachbody has seen, Daikeler’s used his wealth for good. From the International Justice Mission to the Go Campaign, Daikeler’s donated to various organizations. When he’s not flexing his entrepreneurial muscles, you’ll find Carl Daikeler contributing to several Broadway productions.