DoughDoug Haynes is the Managing Partner at Council Advisors. He is a top producer and provides counsel across many strategic areas of investments and deals. Haynes graduated from West Virginia University in Mechanical Engineering and attended the University of Virginia’s Darden, where he earned his MBA from the Graduate Business School. Doug Haynes has many years of experience in the investment banking industry. He has worked at Point72 Asset Management as the President and was also a Director at McKinsey & Company. Haynes is an excellent philanthropist dedicated to serving his community. He is a founding Board member of Cohen Veteran’s Network. Dough has also served on various boards, such as the Board of the Center for Global Enterprise and the Canterbury School

Doug’s Journey at Council

Council Advisors is an investment firm that specializes in helping its clients invest in their future. Haynes has many years of experience working with clients to help them reach their financial goals. He believes that partnerships are the key to success and is excited to partner with other businesses to help them grow and prosper. Doug’s approach to investing is based on understanding his client’s objectives and goals. He then uses his extensive network of professionals and investors to identify the best opportunities for his clients. Through sound financial planning and aggressive investing, Doug has helped many clients achieve their financial goals. Doug’s team at Council Advisors focuses on providing comprehensive financial advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and small businesses. They guide various topics, including business planning, capital raising, financing options, and more. He also prioritizes staying up-to-date on new technologies and trends to provide his clients with the latest insights and advice.


Doug’s experience has taught him that companies can improve their performance and create a more inclusive environment by embracing diversity. Haynes believes that companies with a diverse workforce can see problems before they become significant issues and are better able to develop new solutions. This thinking is essential to keeping businesses afloat in an often changing environment. Doug Haynes also points out that diversity can lead to creativity and innovation, two critical ingredients for success in today’s marketplace.