Dr. Natale AndreaMedicine requires a great many skills. This means being able to reach to patients and understand what is going wrong. It also means an ability to find new ways to treat people as well as using medical treatments well. Such is the case with Dr. Andrea Natale. Natale has dedicated his career and his life to helping advance the frontier of medicine. He has also spent a lot of time working with patients. His is the touch they seek when it comes to helping them get better. His particular area of specialty is that of the field of cardiac care. People who have problems with their heart’s functioning can turn to him in order to help them discover new methods of treatment and find ways to move past their heart issues.

Important Advances

Important advances in medicine are happening all the time. As a professional in the field, Dr. Andrea Natale wants to stay on top of them. This is why he is very much someone who is driven to discover not only what is happening in his field right now but also what is likely to happen in the coming years. With this in mind, he is the force behind a medical conference known as EP-Live. EP-Live allows his fellow professionals a space where they meet in a pleasing setting and discuss the latest advances in cardiac care.

His Other Work

When not acting as the organizer behind EP-Live, Dr. Andrea Natale serves as the Executive Medical Director of the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute. This prestigious post is one located in St. David’s Medical Center in the very heart of Austin, Texas. Here, he helps oversee a large number of fellow cardiac care specialists. He is also actively pursuing many areas of research. As a result, his work has been cited in many journals. His work in cardiac care continues on an ongoing basis. His goal is to advance the field and help ensure that patients are given the ability to find the world class care they need from him and his expert team.