Gordonstoun in Scotland is a unique school that offers a broad curriculum that broadens the academic potential and the mind by instilling life skills.

The school’s curriculum helps all children to achieve their potential, and its motto is ‘There is more in you.’

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The school presents this sense of possibility to the students every day.

It teaches pupils about:

  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Achievement
  • Service
  • Internationalism
  • Compassion

The approach has made Gordonstoun a global leader in character education.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Gordonstoun founder Dr. Kurt Hahn is known for inspiration.

Hahn is the brains behind the prominent Duke of Edinburgh Award.

He developed the award with Prince Phillip at Gordonstoun, but it has developed to touch the lives of young people from almost 150 countries.

Prince Phillip was one of the first ten students at Gordonstoun.

Prince Phillip earned the award from Hahn.

Moray Badge award recognized self-improvement achievements to the best student after completing several projects to combat what Hahn named ‘Six Decline of Modern Youth.’

Moray Badge became highly successful. Hahn contacted Prince Phillip, who had already completed school to expand the program to serve a bigger student population.

They together developed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a national award program sharing the foundations of Moray Badge.

Prince Philip considered the award a great way to help Boys Bridge the gap between school education at fifteen and enlistment into the National Service at eighteen.

Service, athleticism, and exploration are the virtues of the Duke of Edinburg’s award. Participants originally completed four of these four sections:

  • Expeditions
  • Rescue and Public Service
  • Pursuits and Projects
  • Fitness

Prince Philip planned the award’s pilot program in 1955.

It was based on discussions with the Minister of Education and several national youth organizations.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award launch as a royal charter corporation took place in 1956 under Sir John Hunt’s leadership.

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