In 1984, the State Legislature of New York created the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation as a public welfare corporate entity tasked with running, maintaining, and expanding Roosevelt Island. It aims to improve the residential neighborhood by offering creative and environmentally friendly services.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation oversees the famous aerial tramway, parks, buildings, sports centers, roads, and public transit on the island. In addition to offering a range of safety and security services, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Community Safety Team maintains a safe setting for residents, workers, entrepreneurs, and tourists.

The corporation’s performance objective is to offer the proper degree of services for developing and maintaining commercial facilities, open areas, and public facilities. It also looks to follow its enabling laws, corporate policies, general development strategy, contractual commitments, and all relevant federal, national, and local regulations.

To fulfill its goal, the corporation offers services like public transit, community safety, public works, parks, and recreation. It also encourages the preservation, improvement, and efficient utilization of the island’s buildings, open areas, and historical monuments. They also work to establish strong partnerships with businesses, nonprofit agencies, and institutions operating in both the public and private sectors. The corporation as well makes sure there is good management.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the corporation has undertaken extraordinary steps to ensure that the public and its staff are updated on safety procedures. The organization has emphasized wearing masks, using floor decals, and limiting the number of passengers who board the Tram. They have also successfully implemented social distancing protocols at various corporation’s operated spaces. Altheria Jackson, the Assistant Vice President for Programs & Operations, has helped assess all Tram safety operations processes to improve adherence to the required safety precautions.

Altheria Jackson and the executive team have worked remotely, reviewed, and put safety plans into action following the Governor’s instructions, ensuring the well-being and safety of both employees and residents while continuing the Corporation’s regular operations and business throughout the pandemic.

The corporation is of public benefit in that its stakeholders gain from participation in the community’s economic expansion on the island.