Inventory, and inventory tracking, are a staple for any company to succeed. Inventory processes over the last two decades has changed dramatically from paper, to computer, and now wireless devices. Thinking beyond warehouses DSI has produced “Salesforce” which is based on the cloud inventory innovation. Innovative in the fact that it can combine real time data between both the company, the sales force, and multiple Field Inventory Management applications to simplify the buying process for consumers.

What should you know about Cloud Inventory? Cloud Inventory seeks to give a real-time look at all points in the supply chain. DSI’s goal is to be able at a moment’s notice to know where a product may be between the warehouse and the field, or final sales point. With Salesforce the goal is to keep customers happy. The goal is to give the customer at all times, utilizing customer relationship management, improved visibility of what products are available, where they are available, and where they are in the supply chain at that moment. What this reduces is questions of availability and is supported by the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management platform.

Now, let us look at the Field Inventory Management. This is a first in mobile, cloud-based technology. The software itself, combined with a suite of enterprise applications, will then allow the end customer to have answers provided in real time. With the Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management applications, a provider can be aware down to the state where to track inventory, tools, and labor used all from a mobile application. Technicians in the field can upload real time data that converges with the overall system for efficiency and effectiveness.

To close, any business owner knows that keeping the correct stock, making sure orders are filled correctly, and maintaining a great relationship with the customer are essential. No business succeeds without these traits. Cloud Inventory systems and the Field Inventory tracking associated with the DSI software seeks to seamlessly channel all this information into one spot for the producer and the consumer. If you want to have greater control of your inventory and a better relationship with your customer it would certainly be worth your time to see how a Cloud Inventory based system might assist your business. Refer to this page for related information.


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