Jessica Dean is a well-known attorney who fights against corporate malpractice that tries to oppress working people. She is part of the founding partners of Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP, a firm located in Texas. Together with other lawyers, she considers the closing argument the best part of a trial since it has helped her win many cases against workers. Dean has her way of making a closing argument more appealing. Her first rule is always to start with the verdict form and jury charge, which contains the framework of the closing argument. By highlighting the main points, it’s easy to stay on track during the trial.


Another method used by Jessica Dean Attorney is maintaining consistency between opening and closing statements. When writing the opening statement, keep in mind the key point and language since it’s what you will use for the closing argument. Such will help you to make your statement clear using the original language from the opening. The next step is to make the slide simple. Complicated slides can make the jury hard to follow and understand. According to Jessica Dean Attorney, using 15 words per slide is perfect. The slides should also contain stickers with ideas and evidence forming the next point. By doing so, the slides remain straightforward and not complicated to read. However, you can choose to use more than 15 words per slide, depending on what you are writing. 


Another piece of advice from Jessica Dean is that make sure your closing argument has all the information needed. She considers it as a working document; therefore, having all the information prevents you from having to amend it at the last minute. Jessica implies that when making a closing argument, ensure to base your arguments on the jury. This is to make them see what you are talking about and how they should take action. Jessica is very passionate about his work which helps her make the best closing argument. She ensures her statements are based on facts and logic, which allows her to win cases. Her connection with juries and how she does her arguments with passion has made her one of the best lawyers.