John Bonham was undeniably one of the greatest drummers of all time.

His signature sound grabbed those who listened and still resonates throughout the world all these years later.

One person who was snatched by the Bonham sound is Josh Garza, drummer for the NYC band Secret Machines.

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The band has just released their third album which is self-titled, of which Garza provides a Bonham-like beat that’s not heard of in most modern-rock styles.

Josh Garza has spent the last twenty years studying that unique Bonham sound.

And it’s easy to hear, especially on this new album.

But what makes Garza sound so very much like Bonham?

Well, it may have something to do with his drum kit, or at least that’s what Garza suggests.

In a recent interview with Modern Drummer, Josh Garza provided some insight into his Bonham beats.

He explains that the size of his drums adds to the sound and that Bonham was fond of tuning his drums exceptionally high, which he also does.

He speaks of how he sets his 16″ floor toms, 14′ rack tom, and 28″ bass drum.

Garza reveals that this combination of size and tuning provides a unique, Bonham-like sound.

Josh goes on about how his sound is tight, high, and full of that Bonham nectar while explaining more about his signature sound.

Of course, even Garza himself states that his sound isn’t exactly like Bonham, but that the spirit is there.

Bonham may be gone for over 40 years, but it’s clear that his sound lives on in the hearts and in the sticks of drummers like Josh Garza.

There’s a lot in a beat, and Garza has the recipe.

To hear the Bonham-like beats for yourself, check out the Secret Machines’ new release, available online and wherever you buy music.

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