If you’re in Vancouver, British Columbia, you’re in luck. Announcing that Crest Resources Inc. (CSE: CRES) (“Crest” or “the Company”) has accelerated the growth of its business, the company says that it has:

  • A venture capital ecosystem for mineral extraction and other primary industries will be built in partnership with a Tech Startups incubator/investor.
  • With Jonas Lauren Norr’s appointment to the Crest Council, the company’s development into emerging businesses and the strengthening of the leadership team assembled by Michael Collins are further solidified.
  • Both Inflection Resources Company limited and Headwater Gold Corporation are pioneering mineral development businesses with unique approaches to discovery in their corresponding positions.


With Ethos Real Assets, A Memorandum Of Understanding Has Been Signed

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Ethos Real Assets in San Francisco, Crest and Ethos intend to co-develop critical technology ecosystems creating venture-backed ideas to develop and manage heritage industry and facilities in the industrialized developing world. At Ethos Real Assets’ helm is Jonas Lauren Norr, who has been at the forefront of technological innovation in Silicon Valley for decades, working to utilize the tools provided by the endeavor facility and implementing research to back up technical solutions that have social effects and push the initiatives of tomorrow.


The JV will use cutting-edge solutions from computational knowledge, automation, chemistry, and biosciences to address the most critical efficiency challenges in vital industries, mainly but not confined to environmental assets, agriculture, energy, and healthcare. Groundwork is expected to commence in September 2020, with an initial batch of solutions selected and alpha-tested by Quarter 1 of 2021 under the MOU. Beyond the most influential global innovation hubs, the JV aims to provide a novel alternative to venture to fund fundamental innovations with broad industry applicability.


Crest’s CEO and President, Michael Collins, says: “Crest is compelled to seek out the best returns for its resource and associated business investors by pursuing alpha. This joint venture puts us to the innovation center of the world and gives us access to cutting-edge technologies that will fundamentally revolutionize how mines are discovered, modeled, and developed.” For its exclusive role in locating and managing technological capabilities and incubation activities and finding local resources and relevant parties for delivering the JV’s solutions collectively generates on sites that Crest facilitates, the MOU recommends that Crest issue 4,000,000 equity interest to Ethos Real Assets.

Jonas Lauren Norr has been appointed to the board of directors. It is with great pleasure that Crest Resources Inc. has appointed Jonas Lauren Norr as a director. Since 2000, Mr. Norr has invested in early-stage companies. SRI International (Stanford Research Institute) technologies are his primary focus at Gravity Ranch Ventures, a venture capital firm he co-founded and serves as managing partner. Two of the firms he founded or served as an executive went public, and the other two were bought. Renewable energy, biotechnology, education, the media, and real estate have all piqued people’s curiosity. SpaceFund has him as a Senior Advisor, while Peterson Real Assets counts him as a Special Advisor. He also gives talks about technology and its social effect regularly. A technological consultant to the company before joining its board of directors, Mr. Norr holds 500,000 shares of Crest stock with an exercise price of $0.065 till June 1, 2025. Ceo of Ethos Real Assets, Mr. Norr, will get 4,000,000 regular company shares under the terms of the MOU.