The years of entrepreneurial experience that Luke Lazarus gained since starting his first business taught him that companies do not fail because of determination and passion.

Over the years, he has worked with several business people who work 16 hours daily, hoping to achieve their dreams.

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Mr. Lazarus also notes that talent and commitment are not enough to make a business successful.

According to him, most entrepreneurs fail to succeed because they lack proper knowledge of performing business functions.

He encourages entrepreneurs and business people to outsource administrative tasks and spend more time growing their ventures.

Lazarus has become a choice for many business people in Sydney and Melbourne who seek his honest and highly effective consulting services.

He helps clients choose the best strategies to use in their businesses and advises them on the various funding options.

Lazarus believes that proper branding enables business owners to start getting customers and revenue immediately after starting their businesses.

He also assists existing business owners in finding out the reasons why they fail and provide them with proven strategies to turn the companies around.

The Main Contribution to Luke Lazarus’ Success

Mr. Lazarus loves connecting with others. He has social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Medium, among others, to connect with business people and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Luke Lazarus uses the various social media platforms to teach entrepreneurs general business information, enlighten them on recent trends and encourage individuals to continue with their business journey regardless of their challenges.

One of the main contributors to Lazarus’ success is balancing his schedule.

For example, he strives to spend all mornings exercising before walking his dog.

Additionally, Lazarus loves spending time with loved ones and giving back to the community.

He loves helping people in Melbourne and Sidney because that is where he got support when he needed it while growing up.

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