Katelyn Berry, a young woman from Montana who was last seen in Grand Cities in April, was found dead from hypothermia. Her parents confirmed her death, stating that it was likely Katelyn had walked from Grand Cities to Princeton. Her death was said to be accidental and possibly caused by her walking out at night.

Hypothermia is a condition where the body temperature dips below the average body temperature. The symptoms include shivering, exhaustion, pale skin, and sunken eyes. The risk is much higher for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or lung diseases or going through a challenging time in life, such as divorce.

Besides Berry’s death certificate being public, the staff at Richland Montana declined to disclose any information. The county sheriff never reported the case to the public. Katelyn’s parents have refused to speak with the media. Katelyn’s father, David Berry, lives in Grand Cities but has moved out of state.

Katelyn Berry was reported missing on Dec. 31. She was last seen in Grand Cities, and her remains were found a few steps from the apartment. Her mother is a prosecutor in Montana.
The parents of Katelyn Berry have been waiting for almost a year for answers to their daughter’s disappearance. They have visited Grand Cities in the summer to look for their daughter.

On the Facebook page set up to help find Katelyn, there has been a lot of speculation that she may have run away. According to the last post, Katelyn’s parents are not buying into those theories.

Her death was unintentional and left everyone with a void that can’t be filled. She was a very kind, level-headed young woman who wasn’t interested in self-destruction or hardcore drug use. Running away would have been out of character.

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