Randy Douthit is a well-known Los Angeles-based cinematographer, producer, and director. His areas of expertise include music, videos, advertising, and short films. He has worked on several successful shows and has a production company called Freelance that specializes in small crew projects. His primary employment locations have been on the West Coast, primarily in Los Angeles.

Randy began his career in local television before moving on to CNN, where he produced and directed presidential specials and Larry King Live. His career began at Portland, Oregon’s KGW television station, where he broadcast the children’s How Come show. Randy became the executive producer of the show Crossfire in 1982, with the original hosts being liberal writer Tom Braden and conservative analyst Pat Buchanan. He also created and directed a weekly newscast, Capital Gang.

Randy Douthit has worked on several successful films, including Judy Justice. For 25 years, he produced Judge Judy, his most well-known work. Douthit’s vision as executive producer and director resulted in Judge Judy being the number-one program for two seasons. In his opinion, Judy’s success proves that, despite the pandemic, audiences are still ready to see movies. His perspective on filming during the epidemic is that it is critical to continue producing content, even if it means working with a smaller crew. He has also been outspoken on the necessity of filmmaking during the pandemic, claiming that it is an excellent method to connect with people and convey messages.

Aside from cast changes, the transition from working on a 25-year-running show to a new streaming series has been fraught with complications. Randy Outfit’s view on success comes from taking risks and being persistent. He also believes that anyone can be successful if they set their mind to it.