Ross LevinsohnSomething is needed to change the way that digital media works. Ross Levinsohn has been involved in this business for many decades, and he recognizes that these changes are coming sooner rather than later. A lot of what you see now in the industry is because of the work that early pioneers like him have done. He is currently the CEO of Maven, and it is growing strong every year.

Fixing Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated was a magazine on the decline before Ross Levinsohn got involved. The story is almost always the same. He gets into a failing business and turns it around. In this case, this was a digital magazine that wasn’t getting the subscription and ad revenues it needed to survive long term. This is a story that is common to many companies in this industry. They don’t have the advertising income they need to survive. He was able to do something about it, and now the magazine is growing better than ever.

Growing Maven

Maven is also a company that he had to turn around as well. However, he has done a good job of growing Maven rapidly. The biggest reason for this is that he is now focusing on technology, which is an area where the industry can grow. We will see things change as the company introduces even more technological innovations to its already amazing lineup. The main benefit it offers is quality software that makes monetization easy for digital publishers. Most digital publishers struggle to make the advertising model work, and this is something they will need technology to figure out.

An Icon In the Industry

Ross Levinsohn is an icon in this industry, and that is why his opinion matters so much. He understands that the future of the industry will be in technology and advertising optimization. It is why his company is so focused on that goal. You can see where the industry will eventually go, and he wants to position his company to take advantage of all of these changes. When those changes come, the industry will be able to mature and make even more money.