ShakeologyMany people look at themselves and don’t feel confident about their appearance. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to change that. His career started with production services for the National Football League. He also spent many years producing media for the infomercial industry. Those experiences allowed him to observe some key human behaviors. He noticed that people recognized they should lose weight, but they struggled on how to get started. He also noticed that people wanted exercise to be convenient.

In 1998, after selecting Darin Olien as a co-founder, Carl Daikeler launched Beachbody. The exercise-at-home program began with about 12 videos. They were on DVD format, and someone could buy the videos and use them any time for a great workout. The response from consumers was solid, so Daikeler and Olien made 20 to 30 more videos each year for more than 10 years.

Carl Daikeler also knew that nutrition was the other half of weight loss. A person could exercise all day, but if they consumed junk and fast food, they wouldn’t be able to reach a healthy body weight and nutritional status. That’s why Daikeler and his team created the Shakeology nutritional plan. Shakeology is based on a protein powder that users turn into a shake by adding dairy milk or a plant-based milk. Shakeology powders are available in a range of tasty flavors. Each shake satisfies hearty appetites and contains a high amount of fiber and protein. It also contains key vitamins that a lot of people do not get enough of from their usual diets.


To keep things convenient for his customers, Carl Daikeler added the Beachbody on Demand service in 2015. It works like a movie streaming service, but instead of movies, it’s all of the workout videos in the collection. With hundreds to choose from, a person could do a new workout every day of the week and not get bored. Daikeler and his programmers added an app, OpenFit, in 2018. Both the on-demand service and the app soared in popularity during 2020’s pandemic. When used together, the shakes and workouts facilitate weight loss.