The son of Edgard Corona, Diogo Corona, took over TotalPass in 2019 while the operation was still young. This was a new direction for the company and a direct response to Gympass, which introduced a platform allowing people to get a specific gym package. Diogo came in as the CEO, bringing leadership and direction to take TotalPass to the next level. By 2021 the operation went public and gained the strength to challenge its Rival.

Smart Fit always works to address the changes in the fitness market and abides by the regulations of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade). Currently, GymPass has about 80% of the market, with the other 20% left for Total Pass. Diogo told NeoPass that the market has enough space for two players and will do all he can to ensure his operation doesn’t remain in second place.

This confidence came as the operation tripled the number of gyms from the beginning of 2022. Even though Diogo Corona didn’t reveal the actual numbers, statistics show that the partner gyms rose from 2500 to over 8000 within the short period. There is also a significant increase in company registrations as firms provide these gym services as part of their benefit programs to their employees.

2020 and 2021 were years of struggle between TotalPass and GymPass for the bigger slice of the share. However, Cade gave outlines to help balance the competition and prevent GymPass from dominating the market. Many gym owners also received threats not to move to the new player, but the regulations helped ease the transition and allow gyms to sign contracts with Diogo Corona.

Thanks to its connection to Smart Fit, Total Pass has been able to bring on board companies like Volkswagen, Amil, and Ford. It also allows users of the American ClassPass to access services like Bio Ritmo easily. While the feud between the two players hasn’t completely gone, Diogo focuses on conquering more territories to surpass his competitor.

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