February 23, 2022, saw a shift in the fight against Covid-19 in Hong Kong, where JD.COM donated over 100 million worth of protective pieces of equipment to the various personnel there. Residents indeed welcomed them with joy in the city, and they were to be given to the front-line workers to aid them in fighting the pandemic.JD supported the natives of Hong Kong, and they provided various necessities, including foodstuff. The company provided it through the online portal where residents were given free shopping and discounts during the pandemic and which was to continue later in the pandemic

In the consignment dispatched to shanghai, there was a carefully packaged staff for the young ones. It included over 50,000pieces of maternal clothing, powders, gel, and many more. Shanghai children’s medical center was not left behind as their package was unwrapped and delivered to them. The portable cabin crew catering to children with special needs went a long way to meet the kids’ needs during the pandemic.JD provided specialized home-based treatment during the lock-down and free-customized drugs in the pharmacy for those who didn’t afford the state-funded insurance cards facilities

Liu Qiangdong was behind all these efforts in shanghai. He founded the JD.COM Company Liu Qiangdong puts lots of trust in customer service, investing in professional development, and giving back to the social aspects. Having been born in a peasant family, Liu Qiangdong went through hell, which made him appreciate the importance of everyone in the community and the society at large. He studied a degree in sociology which gave him a better kick in incorporating social; responsibility in his country and beyond the boundaries. He has great plans to expand his company undertakings to Asia and Europe. Liu Qiangdong is on the lookout for partnerships that will be fruitful internationally, thus pushing his agenda further

Original source to learn more: https://www.richardliuqiangdong.com/