Wayne von Borstel is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of von Borstel and Associates, a company that offers financial advisory on asset management and charity work. Wayne von Borstel is a professional financial advisor and manager with a master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS). Wayne has partnered with Development Associates International (DAI) to uplift the livelihoods of the needy through charitable donations. The philanthropist has worked in many financial firms, including the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, among many more.

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The Importance Of Charity Work

The philanthropist Wayne von Borstel believes charitable activities and philanthropy do leave remarkable impacts on one’s life. Regardless of the giver or the receiver, the benefits of helping the less unfortunate are immeasurable. Besides, Wayne von Borstel do advocates for more charity work since he believes it is one way to unite people. And going by his famous saying, “if I could help everyone be 20% more successful, and they gave half of that to some worthy cause, we could change the world forever”. Selflessness natures a robust, united community bonded with immense love and care for one another.

How Wayne von Borstel Gives Back To The Society

With the formation of the charitable organization known as Borstel von Associates, Wayne and the team has only one mission, to uplift the livelihoods of the underprivileged children in the world. He believes by doing this; he is not only building a more stable society but offering the need hope to live and fight for their dream.

Wayne Von Borstel charity work also saw Von Borstel and Associate forge partnerships with orphanages such as Yasah orphanage in Indonesia. This kind of partnership was to help the over 500 needy children that suffered the wrath of floods in the early 2000s. Thanks to the partnership, the children received food, shelter and other basic needs.

Through DAI, Wayne and his wife Marta offered to work with the founders of three grade schools and a high school in Bokondini, Eragayiam, and Dogobok, Papau. The partnership with the founders of the schools ensured provision of high-quality education to less privileged children.

Von Borstel & associates charity work has been a noble caregiving team that has helped needy children live and achieve their dreams. The team works globally, including countries like Nepal, Sudan, Afghanistan, India, Medan, Indonesia and Bangladesh, among many others.