Since the epidemic, Gamescom will be in a gathering in Germany. Gamescom is an event that will feature online and live events for five days since the 34th of August. During the previous Gamescom gathering, the brightest and the best game developers of Activision Blizzard Presented the organization’s known games. Gamescom reported that protecting the environment besides the action climate plays a part in the games firms.

Gamescon also added whether publishers, game developers, educational institutions, organizers, or game service providers, have acknowledged the issue urgently. The company also added that 76% of game companies in German are involved in projects to raise awareness and operate sustainably for these issues.

Gamescon also added that their commitment is proved by the global game’s initiative, besides the United Nations. According to Gamescom, the organizer of the Games Industry in German knows their responsible inaction of the climate. The company also reported that Gamescom has a clear goal because it is the occasion of the mega game globally, which will lead the climate action.

Also, Gamescom’s reputation will be utilized to win more companies, people, event organizers, and trade fairs for climate action and concrete measures concepts. Activision Blizzard pledged to degrade its greenhouse effects to Zero come 2050.

Activision Blizzard also indicated that they are a world’s business and they understand that their business impacts their local and global surrounding, thus they have responsibility for sustenance operation. Activision spokesman added that they are committed to the planet being in a good state, because they will take actions to reduce the environmental footprint, besides promoting sustainable behaviors in their supply chain.

According to the video holding company in California, it delivered about 82% revenue in 2020, and it had none of the physical products. The Blizzard spokesman also said that their progress conversation to a modern business enables them to set and achieve goals. Read more about Activision Blizzard