Peter Briger; Propelling Fortress Investment Group to Excellent Service Delivery

In business, identifying the potential of the idea is a leading aspect to consider before anything else. For that reason, when you think of starting a business, think about its potential to grow and serve the community. In this article, we shall look at how Peter Briger decided that it was important to join two other like-minded individuals to form […]

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western Speaks about navigating the oil and gas industry challenges

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western, a serial entrepreneur and oil tycoon heads one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the world. Managing a massive oil company in the modern times of change has been an exciting journey for the tycoon. Matthew Fleegers father created the company in 1970. The goal of the former chief executive officer was to […]

A New Leader for Maven: Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn has been a leader in some of America’s top media, communications and technology companies for the past 35 years. His career began in 1985. With a degree from American University in hand, he co-founded a production company. This first effort was a phenomenal success, and he and his partner operated the firm for four years. They sold their […]

Beachbody As a Path to Fitness

As the founder of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler is committed to helping people reach their personal fitness goals. He also wants people to feel confident about how they look and who they are. His career began as an NFL producer in the organization’s entertainment division for halftime shows. After working for the NFL for five years, he moved to the infomercial […]

Michigan Based Insurance Consultant, Peter Vitale on Modern Customer Service

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, every business needs to work on bettering its customer service. Boosting customer service has become a crucial part of every business, especially in this digital era where people conduct business without having to meet. Peter Vitale, a Michigan based insurance expert, recently voiced his observations. He stated that traditional customer service has […]

Michael Capiraso Talks About Why he Runs Virtually

Michael Capiraso is not only an entrepreneur but a seasoned runner who hasn’t let COVID or cancelled races stop him from running. Because of guidelines in various states and countries, holding an in-person running event has been nearly impossible. Great races like the Boston and New York Marathons, have both had to cancel their in-person races. Luckily, virtual races have […]