Marwan Kheireddine the iconic lebanese leader and scholar

Between July 2011 and February 2014, Marwan Kheireddine held the Office of minister of state in the Lebanese cabinet. Kheireddine is the Chairman and General Manager at AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L., in which he has worked since 1992 in a variety of capacities. Kheireddine was a major member of over 20 ministerial committees during his time as Minister of State, where […]

DFINITY USA’s Team Advances Toward a Blockchain-Optimized Future

Blockchain is a widely-used technology today, but that does not mean that the technology has been optimized to its fullest potential. Since the technology was released, it has been associated with a vision for bold improvements to the global economy. Unfortunately, blockchain currently is being used by a broken system of dozens of platforms. These are closed-source platforms with slow […]

 The Journey of Du Shuanghua with Rizhao Steel

Du Shuanghua is a renowned name in China and the world at large. He is the chair of Rizhao Steel Holding Group which has gone down in history as the largest Private Steel Manufacturer in China. Due to his success in the industry, Du has ventured into philanthropy. The biggest beneficiaries of his philanthropic deeds are the youths. In 2021, […]

Randy Douthit: Producer of Judge Judy & Creator of Judy Justice

Randy Douthit is an American producer, director, and actor. Randy has worked on media productions of many genres, including film, television, theater, commercials, and music videos. Randy has worked as a producer on the TV court show “Judge Judy” and as an Executive Producer of “Hot Bench.” Randy’s most notable work is as the creator and executive producer of the […]

Alexander Payne: A Visionary Artist and Filmmaker

One of the world’s most talented directors, Alexander Payne, made an announcement recently. He’s launching a new project, “The Holdovers,” in partnership with Paul Giamatti. Payne’s principal inspiration throughout his work has been human nature. He hopes to bring a human story to life with his latest project, full of flawed characters. History of Alexander Payne Born in Omaha, NE, […]

Ryan Bishti, Director of Cirque le Soir: The Driven and Determined Leader Behind a Successful Business

When it comes to business, Ryan Bishti is a driven and determined individual. As the Director of Cirq le Soir, he has successfully created a thriving business that attracts customers from all over. What makes him unique is his passion for both his work and his family. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Ryan’s story […]


LifeWave is a health technology company that helps people look younger and better through the provision of drugs that tap into the resilience and natural energy of the body. Since its inception in 2004, it has grown through positive testimonials and a loyal customer base. There are products available in more than 75 countries worldwide. Read more: LifeWave Patches, Products, […]