Aberdeen Group, the mixed-asset investment group listed on the London Stock Exchange, is expected to return to FTSE rankings before the end of this year.

The company has amassed a track record for delivering strong returns since its inception in 2007. Aberdeen plans to maintain core operations in its home market but looks set to expand into international markets by next year. The company agreed on a partial acquisition of global asset manager City Capital earlier this month with plans for the merger next month and completion in December 2015.

The company is expecting to capitalize on the interest shown in its products. Richard Smallwood, the chief executive, said: “We have an extremely well-respected offering in our Abrdn Funds. We already see interest from European and international investors, and we look forward to delivering a truly global offering.” Follow Abrdn’s Twitter for more info.

Aberdeen Group shares have soared 37pc this year, making them one of the best-performing shares in the FTSE 100 Index. The firm recently raised £350m in a rights issue, which Abrdn said was the most significant equity financing taken by an independent manager since 2007.

In its first half-year report, the company said it was “progressing towards a target of £500m [to] £1bn in Abrdn Fund assets by early 2016”.

Aberdeen Funds plc (ABN) is a London Stock Exchange-listed investment manager. It was incorporated in 2007 to focus on developing and managing investment strategies, products, and services for institutional investors and retail customers. As of 31 December 2011, the company is primarily engaged in providing sub-debt and bank debt-based structured investment vehicles (SIFs). It has several Abrdn funds, including the Abrdn Gilt Fund, the Abrdn Mortgage Trust, and the Aberdeen Emerging Market Bond Fund. With an original market capitalization of £190m at its formation in 2007, it is now trading at 3.3 times over revenue for 2011 and a cash-to-debt ratio of 4.