Academy of Art University is a art university established in 1929. The school is located in San Francisco, California. It has been accredited by the University commission. The housing facilities are made available to the students at an affordable price.

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The Best Parts Of Living In Residence Halls

Academy of Art University provides good residential facilities for its students. The rooms are decorated and furnished with all the necessary facilities needed by each student. This includes a good quality refrigerator, a microwave, a washing machine, and an air conditioner for the convenience of the students. The resident students are provided with individual keys for their rooms and ID cards that allow them to access all the facilities that are provided.

Additionally, students who live on campus are provided with a full-time resident assistant who is available on call 24 hours. An emergency call system is also available to the students. The Art University provides the students with healthy meals that save them time and money.

The Worst Part Of Living In Residence Halls

When students are choosing their residence halls, they should be aware of some problems that might occur and how to solve them. As each dorm has its own unique rules, students cannot get used to all the rules and regulations in their first week at the dorm. Another problem is the noise from other students. In the dorms, many people live in one room. Due to this, more than one person can be involved in making noise simultaneously, which can be very annoying for students who need to study or sleep.

Furthermore, the residence halls are not entirely safe. The safety of the students is a big concern, and it is the main reason why many students prefer to live off-campus. There are many parties and social gatherings that take place in the dorms. The event host would provide alcohol to the students, and it is very common for a student to get drunk at these events.

Student’s Thoughts On Dorm Life

Generally, Students who live in the Academy of Art University dorms are very happy with their stay. They find the facilities to be very comfortable.