Apart from leading Hawkers as the President, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the Director of Pacific Exploration & Production Corp, the largest independent oil producer in Latin America, and director of the largest shareholder for the O’Hara Administration Co.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez graduated from Suffolk University with a bachelor’s degree in economics & business administration. He began his career at Guruceaga Group, an international trade, agriculture, finance, and real estate company. Hawkers company offer designer affordable high quality, and high fashion sunglasses.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invested 50 million Euros into the company with his friends and elected a CEO to strengthen the companies’ leadership, spearheading the companies’ operations and boosting the companies’ products. He expanded the company’s product distribution across Europe, Asia, and North America. He later invested 20 million Euros into the company making him the major shareholder due to his 50% ownership of the company’sshares. Alejandro encouraged his colleagues to keep pushing no matter the number of failures claiming success comes after failure. Hawkers have expanded its branches across 50 countries globally and major cities such as Barcelona, Los Angeles, Elche, Mexico City, and Hong Kong, making sales of over 4.5 sunglasses.

Marketing sunglasses is a major asset that ensures the prospering of the company. The sunglasses marketing through online platforms like Facebook increased product popularity and made the sunglasses hit 6.6 million likes, making it the most popular fashion globally.

Brand ambassadors, e.g., the college students, marketed the product to customers in exchange for prizes like plane tickets and concert tickets. Brand ambassadors help in brand marketingand in idea generations from customer views. Celebrity endorsement, e.g., with famous football players like Leo Messi and brand ties with companies like PayPal, Smart, and Mercedes Benz, boosted the sunglasses’ popularity increasing product sales.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an entrepreneur whose determination is the success of the companies he leads. As the president of the company, he reinstalled its popularity across Spain by investing in the company and making huge product sales of sunglasses across the globe.