Alexander PayneThere’s a lot of different men and women that create movies. The type of movies they create usually follows a certain kind of style, which they may adjust depending on the amount of creative control they are permitted to use on their projects. One of these movie creators in Hollywood is Alexander Payne. He has a significantly different filming style from most of his fellow filmmakers and he also prefers having all the creative control he wants to make the movies he wants to make.

Alexander Payne is famous for his atmosphere style where the scenery plays into how the story plays out. He often uses a road trip as a way to help characters find themselves during the movie. He also refuses to use things that aren’t realistic in his movies. He dislikes how many story lines are focused on action and science fiction movies nowadays. They might sell, but he feels like there’s so many realistic story lines that could be told through movies too.

Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne has frequently taken the theme of realism into his movies in ways where they relate to him and his life as well. He was born in Nebraska and he tends to favor filming movies in Nebraska or with a visit to Nebraska at some point in the course of the movie. His characters tend to either be from there or to make a road trip through the state of Nebraska. He’s also made a few movies where the characters never once are in Nebraska. Such as The Descendants. That movie is entirely set in the state of Hawaii.

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