There are many companies in the finance sector, but only a few manage to withstand the headwinds in the industry. This is where the leadership fact comes in to evaluate the potential of businesses in the industry. Note that there is enough market for every business that is established in any industry. However, the leadership and development strategy differentiate the success heights that a particular company can easily attain.

Friends from the Goldman Sachs joined forces to come up with something unique in the finance sector. This was after working with numerous successful companies in the United States and earned significant profits as well as experience. They then established the Fortress Investment Group in the New York, where its main offices are located. The financial firm offers a wide range of services to its customers from the United States.

To get more customers easily, the company’s co-founders established subsidiaries across the country to bring the finance services near customers. The Fortress Investment Group enrolled numerous customers, expanding the capabilities of its services and financial products. The firm’s management team spread throughout the country to facilitate its operations and research about more investment opportunities across the business industries.

The company expanded dramatically after authorizing investments from both private and institutional investors. This made it famous in the finance sector and extended its branches to international heights. The Fortress Investment Group has attained a significant milestone in the business of managing $41 billion assets and a total of one thousand seven hundred and fifty investors from different localities.

Apart from the firm’s success in the finance industry, the Fortress Investment Group has also invested in other sectors such as real estate, where it owns numerous properties in New York. This has enlarged its financial capabilities and enlarged its business name over the industries. It continues to acquire more properties and investments across the globe.