Liu Qiandong

Entrepreneur Liu Qiangdong is a successful business owner. He believes that customer service and being a positive impact in the business world is always top priority. Today, he is the CEO and Owner of the third largest internet company in the world. Mr. Qiandong originally started his retail company from a small booth and grew it to what it has […]


An Insight into the Formation of the Fortress Investment Group and its Success Milestones

There are many companies in the finance sector, but only a few manage to withstand the headwinds in the industry. This is where the leadership fact comes in to evaluate the potential of businesses in the industry. Note that there is enough market for every business that is established in any industry. However, the leadership and development strategy differentiate the […]


James Gutierrez Explains Why Leading Financial Organizations do Not Offer the Best Customer Services

Customer service is something that is seen as the future of the entire financial industry. Besides the financial sector, every other organization and industry is looking for some essential ways through which it can incorporate the necessary customer service in its business operations. This is something that organizations need to understand so that they can handle most of the issues […]


Ophthalmologist Tom S Chang MD Insights on Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common condition that affects a large number of people globally. According to Ophthalmologist Tom S Chang MD, being aware of the causes, symptoms, and prevention measures is critical in managing eye strain. The specialized ophthalmologist asserts that mild headaches and nausea are common symptoms of digital eye strain. In addition, Tom S Chang MD explains, a […]

NumbersUSA: Increased Insecurity In The Country Originates From Increased Immigration

NumbersUSA is one of the organizations in the country that has been very open about the issue of security and immigration in the United States. The company associates increased insecurity within the country with the increase of the people who have been joining from other countries around the world. This is something that cannot be mentioned by any other politician […]

The Story of Richard Liu, The Chinese Entrepreneur Behind

  Richard Liu Qiangdong’s childhood was that of an unhappy one. He was a farmworker child and found himself spending his days working from sunrise until dusk with little free time. At the age of 15, his mother divorced his father when Liu began his education at school. Around this time, his parents relocated to a housing estate, and Liu […]

Min-Liang Tan, A Billionaire Gamer Built A Pandemic-Proof Business

  Razer has been quite successful in expanding beyond its home market and gaining market share overseas. Gaming is currently valued at $22 billion globally and Tan predicts it will reach $70 billion by 2025. This means that the company’s revenue could triple from $938 million last year. Now, not only is Razer the maker of the gaming keyboard that […]