Greg Blatt: The Legend Who Proved That Determination Sees No Barrier

It has become considerably difficult to predict our career destinations or the kinds of jobs that would earn us a living. No one knows how their lives would end, no matter how good or bad they have started their career journey. Some people begin their journey studying courses in arts but end up working in totally different sectors. Greg Blatt […]

Fortress Investment Group New York

Fortress Investment Group New York is a Private equity firm that manages Private Placements, Annuities, MVA, and Real Estate investments in the United States and several international markets. This Private Equity group also manages Alternative Investment funds that invest in a variety of sectors including energy, industrials, and financials. Private Placements are funds managed by Private Equity firms to offer […]


ClearObject Vision AI solutions come to Google Cloud

ClearObject is engaging and partnering with transport agencies like the Indiana Department of Transportation across North America to help the United States government and State Departments better manage snow. Help optimize traffic flow Improve preventative maintenance Plan transit solutions for the future Efficient snow management Many states can spend more than $50 million on snow management in one year. The […]

The Robinson Fleet

Frank Robinson was born in 1930 to a large family in Carbonado, Washington. His interest in helicopters was sparked at a young age and he was determined to see his dream of creating something that could fly a reality. Education was important to Robinson and he focused specifically on helicopter design while earning his BSME degree from the University of […]

Alexander Payne early life

Everyone is allowed to shine in his or her industry. To become respected in a certain field, you have to put in hard work and discipline. Nothing comes easy, even in the simplest of all industries. For Alexander Payne, an international professional who wears various hats, becoming successful has taken time and a lot of effort. Alexander Payne has directed […]

CEO Matthew Fleeger: A Team Oriented Leader

CEO Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western is a committed leader focused on team-oriented decision-making and a strong personal drive for success-driven results. Education in Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has consistently proven that results root mainly from discipline. CEO Fleeger began his entrepreneurial career as the founder and president of MedSolutions, Inc. […]

James Gutierrez, a FinTech Entrepreneur Strategizes Next Level Inclusive Finance

James Gutierrez, a reputable entrepreneur, is focused on supporting innovative financial services tech. He also advocates for inclusivity across the massive lending sector. He has successfully leveraged his comprehensive financial technologies experience in offering liquidity access to many recently underbanked people. James Gutierrez achieves such objectives through his numerous organizations. He founded a prosperous venture capital, Insikt Ventures, an organization […]

Take the Beachbody Path to Confidence

Many people look at themselves and don’t feel confident about their appearance. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to change that. His career started with production services for the National Football League. He also spent many years producing media for the infomercial industry. Those experiences allowed him to observe some key human behaviors. He noticed that people recognized they should […]

Dr. Andrea Natale Is A True Healer

Medicine requires a great many skills. This means being able to reach to patients and understand what is going wrong. It also means an ability to find new ways to treat people as well as using medical treatments well. Such is the case with Dr. Andrea Natale. Natale has dedicated his career and his life to helping advance the frontier […]