Carl DaikelerAs the founder of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler is committed to helping people reach their personal fitness goals. He also wants people to feel confident about how they look and who they are. His career began as an NFL producer in the organization’s entertainment division for halftime shows. After working for the NFL for five years, he moved to the infomercial industry, where he spent about eight years as a producer. It was the infomercial industry that enlightened Daikeler to the obesity epidemic and its causes.

Daikeler’s work in the infomercial industry showed that people were motivated and interested in personal fitness. A lot of the infomercials he produced were for fitness-related products. However, he noted that people often gave up because of a lack of self-confidence. Carl Daikeler also noticed that people found going to the gym to be a big hassle. He used his skills and strengths to develop the Beachbody program.

Initially, Beachbody was just a few DVDs of workouts. It didn’t take long for people to flock to it because of how convenient and helpful it was. Daikeler is featured in many of the workouts, which demonstrates his commitment to the healthy lifestyle he promotes. By the 2010s, the program had hundreds of separate workout DVDs. Daikeler updated the program in 2015 by offering the Beachbody on Demand subscription service. It allows people to stream any of the workouts. In 2018, the addition of the OpenFit app for Android and iOS offered additional convenience to program users. Both the streaming service and the app soared in popularity with the lockdowns of 2020.


Carl Daikeler also wants people to have nutritious diets. He observed that American diets are deficient in vitamins, fiber and minerals and contain excessive levels of sugar, salt, fat and calories. That’s why Daikeler created Shakeology. The Shakeology nutritional program complements the workouts and facilitates losing weight. Consumers can choose a protein powder made with whey or plant proteins. They’re available in individual flavors and sampler packs. Shakeology’s high level of protein and fiber helps people feel full, and the tasty flavors satisfy sweet cravings.