Bhanu Choudhrie was born in June 1978. Like any other young boy in India, he was fascinated by airplanes and dreamed of becoming a pilot one day. Unlike many other people who give up on their dreams, he seemed to keep his close to his heart. When an opportunity opened up, it found Bhanu Choudhrie ready and open to trying his luck. This opportunity was opened by Air Deccan, an airline close to going bankrupt. The airline operated one passenger flight a day, and many people had not embraced air travel.

After much consideration, he found this opportunity worth investing in and believed it could be one of the greatest airlines in India. At that time, the oil prices for planes were so high, affecting even major airlines. However, he managed to keep the airline in operation and slowly started to grow.

After about five years, Air Deccan had grown into one of the main airlines in India. They had more than seven million passengers annually. They had more than 200 flights operating daily. He later sold-out Air Deccan to one of the interested companies that offered him a good bid.

This breakthrough introduced Bhanu Choudhrie into the entrepreneurship world and was his first investment that had greatly paid off. While working at Air Deccan, he noticed a gap where there were not enough trained pilots in India and Japan. That was when he founded the Alpha Aviation Group.

In this company, he offers training to people interested in becoming pilots. It has become one of the leading schools in Asia. It is also the only ISO-certified school in the Philippines. Through the Alpha Aviation Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has achieved his childhood dream of becoming a pilot and has helped many people achieve their dreams.

His investment in the aviation sector has also been widely recognized and has made him one of the renowned businesspeople. The company has produced some of the greatest pilots in the world. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Twitter.