Blockchain’s CEO, Peter Smith, delightedly announced that Macrina Kgil had joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. He expressed his teams’ excitement about having Macrina on board. According to Peter Smith, Macrina Kgil qualified Initial Public Offering readiness and would be of excellent service to the company. Blockchain being a growing company, needed Macrina’s expertise in finance operations. He also praised her for improving her client’s debt profile and helping private companies transition into public ones with publicly traded shares.

Macrina Kgil started her career journey as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. She also worked as a capital market advisor for Fortress Investment Group LLC. Macrina had proven she could effectively give the companies she worked for a competitive advantage during a financial crisis.

Her competence would help Blockchain build substantial finance and risk operations. Before joining Blockchain, Macrina has successfully taken Springleaf Holdings from a private company to a public one. She took advantage of her experience as a public company Chief Financial Officer to frame out a financial team at GBP Capital.

Macrina Kgil uttered her delight in joining Blockchain when the company was experiencing remarkable growth. She noted that Blockchain had been in its limelight since its initiation, and she was looking forward to using her expertise to further the company’s growth. Blockchain’s CEO and the team at large were thrilled to have Marina Kgil on board. The company hoped that as it serves its customers globally, Macrina Kgil’s Initial Public Offering readiness and her knowledge in public finance operations would help it achieve its mission.