Bo Parfet is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. Bo Parfet has some great advice to help you overcome the tiredness of parenting. Bo Parfet’s article on Billion Success offers us 11 tips for being a better parent and building happier relationships with our kids. Bo’s insights are based on his own personal experiences as well as scientific studies done by experts in the field of child development. Bo’s techniques are practical and easy to implement into your current routine!

In Bo’s article he mentions the importance of spending time with our kids. Bo says that “Parenting demands a lot from us and it can be easy to want to spend more time away from them than we actually do.” Bo recommends making sure you talk about your day when you get home, even if just for five minutes. This is a great way to build a stronger connection with your children. Bo also advises making time for playtime, which will help bond and strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

Bo recommends that parents should be mindful of how they use their own words when talking to kids. Bo says “It’s important to avoid using phrases like “because I said so” or “because that is the rule. Bo says “These phrases convey a sense of being uninvolved in your child’s life and could lead to them feeling like they have no say.” Bo Parfet advises using more open-ended questions when talking with your children, which will encourage them to think about their actions before committing to them. Bo’s final tip is to work on developing empathy in your child by demonstrating it yourself. Bo says “It’s easy for mothers and fathers to get distracted or frustrated with their kids when they want what they want, but the key lies in understanding where that need comes from.”