Caribou Caribou wanted a multi-modal solution that would enable the transport of parcels from the UK to other major countries around the world including the USA, the EU, the Middle East and Australia. They wanted it to be intuitive and easy to use, reliable and with a fast delivery cycle. Cuhu was the perfect partner to develop the app. This is why they are the first logistics company to work with Cuhu. The app is seamless, simple, intuitive and fast.

Using data insights, statistical analytics and predictive modeling, Caribou was able to formulate an innovative strategy to effectively target consumers and reach the right audience at the right time. The marketing strategy was geared towards attracting the right set of users for Caribou’s app. The logo of Caribou was chosen to convey the user-centered focus of the app.

This is a simple app that allows the consumer to track his delivery, communicate with him, check him off against the delivery list, track the location of his delivery person, and see the exact moment when it is to reach his doorstep. The customer can also track the delivery journey through a map view. The consumer does not need to wait for the delivery person to get the bag from firm’s offices or keep them waiting in order to get their orders delivered.

Caribou makes their customers feel at ease through the use of the app. It has been developed so that drivers and customers get on the same page when it comes to ordering a parcel. The app uses Wi-Fi to send the message for the driver to visit your specified location, and the driver also gets the messages through GPS as well. One of the best features that makes it more convenient for customers is that they can add more people to their cart for a much faster delivery and also can track the delivery.


Customers do not have to wait for a confirmation text from the driver and can see the delivery time in their app. The company learned that the delivery time wasted has been thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The drivers had no way of getting their deliveries. Cuhu App allows the drivers to send and receive deliveries on the go from their smartphone. Caribou drivers can now deliver in the shortest possible time.