Sudhir Choudhrie’s dedication to his life is admirable

Sudhir Choudhrie has a complex yet uplifting narrative to tell. The 71-year-old philanthropist and entrepreneur discovered he had a significant health problem at a young age, yet he has continued positively impacting others around him. Sudhir Choudhrie is well-known for his endeavors, such as the Cardiology Professorship at Columbia University Medical Center, which helped him make a reputation for himself. […]

Dave Antrobus: A Co-Founder and Technology Director of Fresh Thinking Group

Dave’s background is in business-to-business software. His career started in 1995, when he set up a back office department for computer giant Apple Computer. In 1999, he co-founded Fresh Thinking Group with his business partner and friend, the late Stephen Robinson. After five years of development, FTG was sold to Capgemini in July 2007 for an undisclosed amount. Dave’s expertise […]

Career Profile of the CEO and Creator of Inc & Co, Jack Mason

Jack Mason is the group Chief executive officer and entrepreneur behind the success and operation of Inc & Co. The Inc & Co CEO created the company to acquire digital firms and help them have a new start in doing their business after disruptions in their operations have occurred. The Manchester-based business leader holds a bachelor’s degree in Business enterprise […]

Gulf Coast Western: Meet the President and CEO, Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger has worked for Gulf Coast Western for over 15 years. He gained huge experience in different fields he has worked in, including wells development, drilling operations, and maintenance. His areas of expertise have led to him being the most highly qualified person for the company’s President and CEO position. Matthew Dallas has helped develop, perform and oversee well […]

The Story of Richard Liu, The Chinese Entrepreneur Behind

  Richard Liu Qiangdong’s childhood was that of an unhappy one. He was a farmworker child and found himself spending his days working from sunrise until dusk with little free time. At the age of 15, his mother divorced his father when Liu began his education at school. Around this time, his parents relocated to a housing estate, and Liu […]

Greg Blatt: The Legend Who Proved That Determination Sees No Barrier

It has become considerably difficult to predict our career destinations or the kinds of jobs that would earn us a living. No one knows how their lives would end, no matter how good or bad they have started their career journey. Some people begin their journey studying courses in arts but end up working in totally different sectors. Greg Blatt […]

CEO Matthew Fleeger: A Team Oriented Leader

CEO Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western is a committed leader focused on team-oriented decision-making and a strong personal drive for success-driven results. Education in Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has consistently proven that results root mainly from discipline. CEO Fleeger began his entrepreneurial career as the founder and president of MedSolutions, Inc. […]

Take the Beachbody Path to Confidence

Many people look at themselves and don’t feel confident about their appearance. Carl Daikeler is on a mission to change that. His career started with production services for the National Football League. He also spent many years producing media for the infomercial industry. Those experiences allowed him to observe some key human behaviors. He noticed that people recognized they should […]