Andrew Lazarus

Beach Hotelier Andrew Lazarus: The Best Advice I’ve Received He is better known for his ownership of the Beach Hotel at Byron Bay, where he is credited with turning it into a “party mecca.” Mr. Lazarus was also executive director of Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group and spent 12 years with Accor Hotels. Also read: Newcastle Council staff assists in […]

Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a speaker and author described as “one of the few female entrepreneurs who can accurately be said to have achieved rock star status.” Neely spent her early career building a lucrative and sophisticated trade show business which she sold in 1999. She founded International Brands Expo, Inc., one of the nation’s leading trade show exhibit companies. In […]

Philanthropic Efforts Of Franci Neely

Franci Neely has a successful law career working as a partner at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P. She worked for more than two decades at the firm in business litigation before retiring and being actively involved in philanthropy and volunteering. She has worked for various nonprofit organizations including being on the board of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and also […]

Isidoro Quiroga, CEO of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín in Chile

Isidoro Quiroga is one of the most successful chilean businessmen in the international market. Quiroga is the CEO of Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín, a Chilean-based holding group. Quiroga receives help in managing the Chilean-based firm from his family and business associates. The Chilean businessman has had a very successful career as a manager and investor in several industries. These include […]

What does Hauser Insurance Group do?

Hauser Insurance Group is an independent company with its headquarters located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is not limited to specific services but offers diversified insurance coverage in risk management and employee dividends to small-medium enterprises and large businesses. On customer-based insurance, the company ensures family ventures, companies, retail firms, and other corporations. Also, the company maintains strong relations with […]


TerraNovaCorp’s Founder Stephen Bittel Speaks Fondly of The Economic Cycle’s Four Phases

It is every entrepreneur’s wish that their businesses last as long as they live. Sadly, it is not always easy for things to go as planned. Sometimes, businesses start quite well but after a short while, they collapse. Others last for decades, and when they have hit the highest point, they lose clients because a relatively new idea is born […]

Why QNET Is Not A Scam

About QNET The organization was established in 1998. QNET is an e-commerce bureau dealing with direct selling of high-quality products entailing goods and services. It allows its customers to have a rooted ground in building a sales business through the promotion of their products (QNET products). For first time entrepreneurs, QNET is regarded as the best as it gives them […]

Adelle Archer Explains her Secrets of Success in Eterneva

Four years ago, Adelle Archer established a company called Eterneva. The facility specializes in grief wellness. Since its first days in the American market, the remarkable institution has won the hearts of many people. The consumer technology platform has ensured that it honors pets and people’s lives. Adelle achieves this by turning the ashes and hair of the deceased into […]