Alejandro Betancourt: Current President And Chairman Of Hawkers Co.

Alejandro Betancourt is the president and chairman of Hawkers Co., a Spain-based eyewear and accessories company. Since taking over the helm in 2013, Betancourt has been credited with transforming the company from a small, local business into a global powerhouse. Under his leadership, Hawkers has become one of the most recognizable eyewear brands in the world, establishing itself as a […]


 Marwan Salim Kheireddine, Lebanese Banker and Chairman of AM Bank.

During his tenure as Lebanese Minister of State during the time of the development of Lebanon’s Free Zones, Marwan Salim Kheireddine was instrumental in attracting large numbers of multinational corporations to invest in Lebanon. A graduate from Harvard Business School and Dartmouth, he has built a distinguished career as a banker. He became Chairman of Lebanese American Bank in 1987, […]

Wes Edens is Successful in both Business and Sports

Wes Edens is the Co-Owner at Aston Villa, the Chairman of Wes Edens and Company and the founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, a former professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, a University of Oregon alumnus, and an advisor to President Barack Obama. Wes Edens started in finance after receiving degrees in business administration and accounting from Oregon State […]


Eamon O’Rourke

Eamon O’Rourke comes from Brooklyn, New York City with a creative spirit and intense love for design. He’s been playing around with the idea of becoming a freelance graphic designer since college. Eamon graduated from Brown University with a degree in Media Studies and Film, where he was fascinated by the study of feminism, film theory, and philosophy, but things […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Joined the Conservative Party to Help

Bhanu Choudhrie is a British-Indian entrepreneur and business owner. Bhanu Choudhrie was born in East London and has since lived in the United States, India, Oman, Canada, and France. He is also the founder of C&C Alpha Group, an Investment and Merchant Banking firm with a branch in New York City. He has been a member of the UK Parliament […]


John Savignano Recap

John Savignano, CPA, is the CEO of Bottom Line Consulting- a tax firm based in New York City. KW John Savignano also headed North America accounting and tax work. The University lecturer John Savignano has served in various finance and accounting corporate firms. Also, Businessman and Entrepreneur John Savignano worked for as vice president. is a portal offering […]

 Gary McGaghey Advice to the Chief Financial Officers (CFO's)

For decades, chief financial officers’ (CFOs) were tasked with ensuring optimal financial results for the firms they worked for. However, today, CFO’s roles are evolving daily, with the demand for more than financial results evident. Institutions boards and CEOs have raised the bar high for CFOs, and they expect them to partner with them in their strategic plans. Notably, different […]

  Wayne von Borstel Recap

Wayne von Borstel is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of von Borstel and Associates, a company that offers financial advisory on asset management and charity work. Wayne von Borstel is a professional financial advisor and manager with a master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS). Wayne has partnered with Development Associates International (DAI) to uplift the […]

 Marwan Kheireddine Recap

Marwan Kheireddine Talks What’s Next For Lebanon’s Economy Marwan Kheireddine is a remarkable man with an incredible story. He was born in Lebanon and went on to find several businesses. He’s also a well-known investor in the region. Marwan currently serves on the board of different companies and non-profit organizations. Lebanon is home to the oldest university in the world, […]

How Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Has Managed Roosevelt Island

In 1984, the State Legislature of New York created the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation as a public welfare corporate entity tasked with running, maintaining, and expanding Roosevelt Island. It aims to improve the residential neighborhood by offering creative and environmentally friendly services. Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation oversees the famous aerial tramway, parks, buildings, sports centers, roads, and public transit on […]