James Gutierrez Explains Why Leading Financial Organizations do Not Offer the Best Customer Services

Customer service is something that is seen as the future of the entire financial industry. Besides the financial sector, every other organization and industry is looking for some essential ways through which it can incorporate the necessary customer service in its business operations. This is something that organizations need to understand so that they can handle most of the issues […]


Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western Speaks about navigating the oil and gas industry challenges

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western, a serial entrepreneur and oil tycoon heads one of the oldest oil and gas companies in the world. Managing a massive oil company in the modern times of change has been an exciting journey for the tycoon. Matthew Fleegers father created the company in 1970. The goal of the former chief executive officer was to […]

Blockchain Welcomes Macrina Kgil as Its New Chief Financial Officer

Blockchain’s CEO, Peter Smith, delightedly announced that Macrina Kgil had joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. He expressed his teams’ excitement about having Macrina on board. According to Peter Smith, Macrina Kgil qualified Initial Public Offering readiness and would be of excellent service to the company. Blockchain being a growing company, needed Macrina’s expertise in finance operations. He also […]