Matthew FleegerCEO Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western is a committed leader focused on team-oriented decision-making and a strong personal drive for success-driven results. Education in Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has consistently proven that results root mainly from discipline.

CEO Fleeger began his entrepreneurial career as the founder and president of MedSolutions, Inc. For 13 years he led this company to consistent results that benefitted both the community and the general public as a waste management provider for medical organizations.

One of these examples of ingenuity is the beginning of Joint Venture, which will allow the company to expand and research potential new markets in the ongoing future. Areas that show potentially logistically and resourcefully are an excellent starting point to sway the tide in a stalling global outlook. The Fleeger has also been able to flourish due to its commitment to a small business strategy, separating itself from the peers as they retain a close-knit and family-oriented business structure that relies on trust and accountability. These close-knit knots can be attributed to a family legacy, as his father began Gulf Coast Western in 1970. In many ways, Matthew retaining those values have provided him a key advantage in this quickly changing economic landscape.

Matthew Fleeger

now, with a pending global pandemic inflicting chaos onto the world, coupled with uncertainty about the lasting endurance of the oil & gas industry. CEO Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is leading the way in innovative approaches. New technological challenges, uncertain economic fluctuations, and a shortage of key resources required for operation have inflicted multiple challenges onto the industry. In these challenging time, Fleeger