Mako medical, founded by Chad Price, is a biomedical business with a quick and fun transport system, but there is nothing funny about their outstanding delivery service. They have a quick turnaround on medical lab testing of just one day.

Chad and Adam always wanted to help others, which led Chad to the founding of Mako Medical and co-founding Bride Genie and others.

Today, Mako, thanks to the hard work of Chad and the interesting branding element added by his brother, has over 50 delivery vehicles, all with a cool shark mascot placed on the side of every vehicle and state-of-the-art lab facilities.

Does this seem a strange combination? That’s because it is, but it makes every patient smile every time a vehicle shows up at the doorstep to take fluids for testing.

Adam Price had the idea of the vehicle sharks. Upon retiring from the military as a logistics engineer, his brother Chad hired him to take over the logistics end of Mako.

The shark mascot was Adam’s idea, and it makes the experience more pleasant for patients and medical providers.

What Does Mako Do?

Mako is a medical laboratory Transport company making Imaging services. They process the bodily fluid testing required by the doctor and return the results in 24 hours flat. The Mako state-of-the-art laboratories have been praised by the media, for their dedication, consistency, and quick turnaround times.

Under the direction of Chad Price, Mako has even been awarded “The Best of Bootstrapped Healthcare Businesses Award. Chad says he is honored and proud to the work he does to help the healthcare industry.