ClearObject is engaging and partnering with transport agencies like the Indiana Department of Transportation across North America to help the United States government and State Departments better manage snow.

  • Help optimize traffic flow
  • Improve preventative maintenance
  • Plan transit solutions for the future
  • Efficient snow management

Many states can spend more than $50 million on snow management in one year. The real cost of unsafe roads is more than the budget and cannot be mitigated. Snow and ice cause not only damage to property but also to drivers and passengers. The cost of keeping snow and ice off the ground can be mitigated, however, and helps prevent damage to property and person.

ClearObject partnered directly with the Indiana Department of Transportation to develop snow management solutions. The INDOT Transport team at INDOT helped them develop and deploy a Vision AI solution to make snow management more effective.

  • Significant cost savings
  • Snow removal optimization
  • Reduce unsafe driving conditions
  • Improve mobility
  • Enhance road safety

ClearObject has developed highly efficient Vision AI capabilities for a wide range of customer use cases. Machine learning models can be used to analyze video and image data in a wide range of industries, which renders more accurate data to make automated decisions. In 2018, they began by developing Vision AI technology for AES wind energy turbines, using Google Cloud Vision AI. Ever since they have successfully continued the development of Vision AI solutions. In fact, today you can engage or partner with ClearObject through a Google Cloud representative.

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