Dave AtrobusDave’s background is in business-to-business software. His career started in 1995, when he set up a back office department for computer giant Apple Computer. In 1999, he co-founded Fresh Thinking Group with his business partner and friend, the late Stephen Robinson. After five years of development, FTG was sold to Capgemini in July 2007 for an undisclosed amount. Dave’s expertise is in technology strategy, project management and business analysis.

Dave Antrobus argues that with the rise of technology-enabled services, technology’s influence on the world’s economy is only going to increase. It is within these areas where he believes technological change will be seen most prominently. With technology in the digital age changing the way we live, the future of entrepreneurship is also changing.

Fresh Thinking Group is well placed to help young people in business get their ideas and businesses off the ground. As a technology consultant, Dave has spearheaded FTG’s exponential growth, overseeing the implementation of sophisticated ERP systems, such as Sage for accounts and Oracle Financials for receivables, to transform the way businesses interact with their suppliers, and deliver sustainable, incremental changes in productivity and profitability.

Dave Antrobus, whose brother owns a garage and his dad a local cafe, has always had an entrepreneurial streak. He has had a storied career in a wide range of areas, but technology is his passion. After working in development at a content management company, Dave (Fresh Thinking Group) then moved into a role at a consultancy, working with medium-sized firms to create and improve their IT systems.

After moving to fund management, Dave Antrobus found himself faced with the challenge of advising clients on new software solutions and helping to launch an innovative cloud-based accounting system. This ultimately led to his appointment as director and technology director at Fresh Thinking Group, where he continues to direct the development of cutting-edge tools for his company’s portfolio of over 30 companies.

As a technology director, Dave Antrobus is adept at dealing with client-side-strategy matters, creating bespoke solutions to deliver business efficiencies and boosting productivity. He has also developed innovative projects with extreme efficiency. Dave has a highly technical background which includes four years as an instructor in the local IT College. He has been fascinated by technology since his teenage years, founding two Internet start-ups in his native Northumberland before moving to Bristol in 2012.