Fortress Investment Group New York is a Private equity firm that manages Private Placements, Annuities, MVA, and Real Estate investments in the United States and several international markets. This Private Equity group also manages Alternative Investment funds that invest in a variety of sectors including energy, industrials, and financials.

Private Placements are funds managed by Private Equity firms to offer growth capital to the Private Equity investor. Annuities are obligations under which a Private Equity firm compensates an annuitant for the death benefits it receives from an insurance contract.

The profits from these policies are invested by the Private Equity group in other Private Placements or other assets that generate returns. A Mortgage is a mortgaging transaction that provides a lien on real estate or a structured settlement.

Fortress Investment Group New York was founded by Robert Kauffman in 1988 with the acquisition of SoftBank Group. Kauffman believed that Private Equity should be organized as an investment fund that would be separated from the company that controlled it. The name was later changed to Fortress Investment Group to better reflect the separation. Kauffman believed that the benefits of Private Equity should be reaped by a select group of investors and that the company should be itself leveraged for such groups.

Today, Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest private equity firms in the world. It controls approximately $15 billion in funds, and it manages funds in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Many of the deals that the group has made have resulted in large dividends for its shareholders. Kauffman believed that private equity could be made to work for the public good and that the government should back such enterprises. Refer to this article to learn more