Gary McGaghey is an internationally distinguished divisional and group CFO. He has been in the business for over two decades. He has held several senior executive positions, including Chief Financial Officer of global business. In addition, he is a leading international retailer with operations in various countries worldwide.


Gary McGaghey is a graduate of the University Of South Africa. He has completed his degree in Accounting and Finance.

Gary McGaghey Career

Gary McGaghey is a private equity specialist based in London. Gary McGaghey is a Chief Financial Office expert with a reputation worldwide. His initial career was in the household products manufacturing industry, like Robertsons Foods.

An Effective Strategist CFOs

An effective strategist must be responsible for an organization’s financial success and strategic direction. CFOs are crucial to ensuring your strategy is executed effectively. For any business to succeed, you need an excellent strategist CFO who can help create valuable strategy ideas and fix dominant growth constraints that weaken your business model. You need to be the most knowledgeable person in your organization. In addition, CFOs also need to challenge themselves with creative ways of pushing back against their fears.

Private Equity CFOs

Private Equity specialist Gary McGaghey says CFOs must be confident in handling a company’s cash flow, debt covenants, and balance sheet. Private equity CFOs must evaluate what creates cost and value in an exit episode. ACFO should do oversight in any business transformation.

Gary McGaghey says the CFO should be responsible for driving the execution of the strategy. They are responsible for project management, innovation, marketing initiatives, and sales force effectiveness. Learn more about Gary McGaghey