Georgette Mulheir is a British social worker who has been involved in many organizations that seek to give children a better future. She is currently the co-founder of the organization, Defend Haiti’s Democracy, working to bring democratic rule to Haiti. For Georgette Mulheir, the goal is to help Haitian children lead a better quality of life. Haiti is the first republic formed by former black slaves. The country fell prey to the rule of dictators who did little to improve the lives of its people. 


The fatal earthquake that caused extensive damage to Haiti in the year 2010 plunged the nation into debt and exploitation by foreign powers. The current president almost dictator, Jovenel Moise, has not held parliamentary elections since he was elected to power in 2017. The country is controlled by criminal gangs to often recruit young children and turn them into criminals. Defend Haiti’s democracy was founded by Johnny Celestin of the US, Haitian, Georges Gabrielle Paul, and Georgette Mulheir to bring awareness to the plight of the Haitian people and make world bodies work towards restoring democracy in Haiti. 


Global activist Georgette Mulheir has been an activist fighting for social justice from a young age. She has been an anti-apartheid activist, an advocate for environmental issues and, a supporter for better conditions for refugees as a teenager. Georgette Mulheir later worked to improve conditions for children, especially children in residential care across the world. Her work with children brought her in contact with children’s institutions in Haiti. 

She joined a group of activists who want to restore democracy in Haiti which is now ruled by criminal gangs. The situation in the country has had a devastating effect on children. Mulheir and her colleagues are working to spread awareness in the global community so that pressure will be brought on Haiti’s president to hold elections, restore democracy and give Haitian people and children a happy future. Georgette Mulheir is a dedicated social worker and activist. She is committed to giving children across the world a happy future. Currently, she is spreading awareness across Europe about the problems faced by Haitian people who are ruled by a dictator and the devastating effect dictatorial rule has on Haitian children.