Gordonstoun young sailors paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh at Hopeman harbor. Children from the exclusive school boarded the 80ft sail training boat. They fell silent in honor of Prince Philipp as they laid a wreath off the coast of Hopeman.

Hopeman is a special place where the Duke had many happy moments. He learned and developed his love of sailing at Hopeman while he was a pupil at Gordonstoun in the 1930s.

On the shore, pupil Piper played Flowers of Forest, and a banner beside him displayed the picture of the Duke of Edinburgh’s of Arms. The queen presented the banner to the schools’ pipe band in 2019.

Lisa Kerr, the school’s principal, said that Gordonstoun was a source of stability for Phillip after undergoing difficult early years in his life. He joined as the tenth pupil in 1934 and found peace, security, and stability. In school, he discovered his true self and became the best version of himself.

Through his time in school, he developed a passion for the sea, sport, and the outdoors and focused on serving others.

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Even today, the school’s curriculum teaches its pupils on building focus on service to others. His connection to the school was a lifelong affair where some of his children and grandchildren attend Gordonstoun.

Ms. Kerr said that the ceremony aimed to honor the memory of Phillip and reflect on him and his love for the school and the area.

She added that they had the chance to look back and be proud of shaping what the Duke held dear throughout the week.

Though circumstances did not allow them to have a large-scale gathering, holding a small tribute was appropriate and necessary. The memorial represented the love he had for the school, Hopeman Harbour, and the Moray Firth.

Before laying down the wreath, pupils and the population across the UK paid their respects to the Duke by observing a moment of silence.

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