Currently, every individual knows that there’s fluctuation within the rates on insurance, and it doesn’t matter if it’s business or personal insurance. Individuals who require a broker or an agent might find out about their claims on insurance matters and all that they need to know. Heath Ritenour, the I.O.A. lead executive, has sampled out the factors which can quickly point out the capacity and claims of prices that compose the complex components of insurance.

Heath Ritenour has an explanation that profoundly analyses the fluctuation of insurance rates. As a son of a veteran insurance entrepreneur, Heath gained versed knowledge about the insurance industry; hence he knows each detail that the insurance market consists of. After spending his life in the insurance business, Heath Ritenour has been able to establish I.O.A. into becoming one of the best privately-owned companies across the U.S.A. which deals with insurance matters.

About Heath Ritenour

In 1985, Valli and John Ritenour established I.O.A. while Heath was still a young boy. After his college education, he started working at the company as an agent in 1996. In 2008, he became the Chief Executive, and by 2018, he got elevated to become Chairman of IOA. Heath has grown to have a journey in his career. As a result, it has evolved the company to become ranked at the eleventh position in all insurance firms across the U.S.A., which is privately owned.


Heath has also established a Foundation under I.O.A., which provides charitable services to Central Florida. It often holds fundraising activities, sporting and charitable sponsored events that provide support to society. In the market, Heath Ritenour operates his business in these times of COVID-19 with a hardened perspective that ensures the company’s revenues are not minimized due to the pandemic situation. He strives to educate his partners and consumers on the premium services from the company to ensure that his clients are well protected from various risks and liability which might increase during the pandemic and more