When a pandemic hits the world for more than one year, businesses face challenges. Some close doors because of insufficient flow of income. Others are forced to accept the huge losses. The result is to adjust oneself and to think of what to do in life. John Ritenour is a prominent businessman with a wide range of experience in the business world. He founded the Insurance Office of America in 1989. The company seems to be strong even during the pandemic. What could be the reasons?

John Ritenour recently addressed some of the challenges that businesses are exposed to during the pandemic. He has been so optimistic about his future. Most of the time, he is forced to work with speed to ensure that he helps the people unable to sustain themselves in society. John Ritenour noted that when businesses were forced to close on-site operations, most did not cope with this. He says that those who adjusted well are now recovering from the pandemic.

There are so many advantages related to working remotely. Every sector will have to benefit from the move if they are keen on their new adjustments. Employers have a chance to redeem themselves by saving on all overhead costs. The cost involved in running an office is too much. John Ritenour says that it would be an excellent time to consider the number of resources spent on space when now employers can apply technology to communicate with their employees. Much of the activities in these offices can be done online.

John Ritenour urges employers to embrace technology so that they can leap the fruits. According to research, employees who work from home become more productive because they have enough time to breathe. These employees will not have to rush to the sites every morning. They will therefore have enough time to reflect and plan the day ahead. Refer to This Article.