James Gutierrez, a reputable entrepreneur, is focused on supporting innovative financial services tech. He also advocates for inclusivity across the massive lending sector. He has successfully leveraged his comprehensive financial technologies experience in offering liquidity access to many recently underbanked people. James Gutierrez achieves such objectives through his numerous organizations.

He founded a prosperous venture capital, Insikt Ventures, an organization that emphasizes Series A and seed investment funding. Insikt Ventures generally focuses on fintech products. James co-founded Oportun, previously called Progreso Financiero, which provides limited-credit history consumers with unsecured loans. Since its outset, the organization has lent loans over $1.5 billion to their over 500,000 borrowers countrywide.

The entrepreneur is currently a participant in several public-service organization boards and lends his skill set and expertise to numerous social justice initiatives. Previously, James worked within the Centennial Advisory Committee and Federal Reserve Board’s Consumer Advisory Council. SEO-SF has also appointed Gutierrez as an Advisory Board member. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) has Gutierrez as its vice-chair.

James has personally co-authored and campaigned for numerous laws, both state and federal, an ardent law-abiding citizen. They were essentially developed to increase small-dollar loan accessibility. An established venture capital investor, passionate philanthropist, and social entrepreneur, James Gutierrez continuously devoted his cause to serving and helping others. He strategically hopes to revolutionize the current lending sector and provide conventionally marginalized groups with financial security opportunities.

He recently discussed his motivation, inclusion in the banking arena, and his future. Throughout his career, James Gutierrez has prioritized inclusion and opportunity in his establishments. He believes they will remain the backbone in each endeavor since their implementation has yielded positive outcomes.

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