Customer service is something that is seen as the future of the entire financial industry. Besides the financial sector, every other organization and industry is looking for some essential ways through which it can incorporate the necessary customer service in its business operations. This is something that organizations need to understand so that they can handle most of the issues that are very important in ensuring that they are focused on offering the best services to their customers.

James Gutierrez indicates that the financial industry has not been a sector that has been focused on anything that can help in changing the wellbeing of the services it has been offering into the industry for many years. There is a feeling that the financial sector does not need to provide any better customer services to the population because it is not working hard towards getting the customers that every other organization needs.

According to James Gutierrez, there are some monopolistic tendencies that have been dominating the financial industry for very many years. This is something that has been in the market for very many years and which has changed the way most organizations have been working towards addressing some of the issues that have been missing in the market for a lengthy period. There is nothing that has been done to wrestle the market away from the leading financial industry.

Most of the leading financial organizations have been controlling the market for very many years. They have sufficient power to make very important and significant decisions with regard to the financial well being of most of the people in the community. James Gutierrez has seen that these organizations decide who will be getting the necessary loans and who will not be getting any financial support from such organizations, which is the reason why they do not need to offer customer services.

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