When Laura Rea became the company’s CEO, she continued to make technological advancements, which could give Dickey Barbecue a place in an increasingly crowded market. As food delivery has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to eat, it pioneered a third-party supplier program that has promoted single-store sales across all digital channels for three consecutive years.

The firm has likewise taken Smoke Snack to a new level by launching consumer apps on iOS stores and using Amazon voice technology in restaurant operations. With Amazon’s virtual AI assistant Alexa, operators can gain important insights into sales data without leaving the kitchen or wasting time analyzing metrics.

When the coronavirus pandemic reshaped the restaurant industry in 2020, Laura Rea’s focus on technology has proven to be a valuable asset. She transferred most of the company’s marketing budget to digital channels and ensured the rapid development of online ordering.

Thanks to heavy investment in technology, it was also one of the first brands to start contactless delivery in March. Dickey’s barbecue shop used to be known for its warm atmosphere, encouraging customers to come in and stay for a while, and Laura Rea Dickey knows that in times of crisis, more than ever, serve them the best thing is to double it.

However, the company’s slogan is not the only goal during the pandemic but also to “achieve good results in the communities in which it does business.” Laura Rea Dickey strives to build on this as a basis, together with customers of the brand. When Covid was announced for the first time, it reduced franchising fees by 50%, thereby helping owner-operators’ cash flow and retaining employees. The restaurant itself has carried out two promotional activities to help the community.

Laura Rea Dickey is the business head of Dickey’s Bar BBQ Restaurants, Inc. The award-winning executive, who has worked in a family business for more than a decade, paved the way for her work at the intersection of marketing and information technology, which paved the pathway for rapid expansion. The platform nowadays creates results based on data.